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Actor's Resources

This page is for the Actor looking for more information that can help them enhance their careers. Robin and I have done a lot of research over the years as actors, as well as gaining more behind the scenes knowledge as Casting Directors.

We know acting is an investment of time and money. We never want to see actors going broke to pursue their dreams. We hope this page can be a shortcut for you discovering classes, books, and wellness tips that work for you.


We will continue to add to this page as we find more new things that we love.


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Coming Soon

We have some fun content ideas we are developing as we can carve out some downtime. We will update you here and on our Instagram Page.


We are currently writing a book for actors who want to move to Los Angeles to start their careers in acting. We will be giving you our twenty plus years of experience and life lessons we have learned along the way. You will be ahead of the curve with these helpful tips and tricks of the trade.

Archetype Workshop

Nicole has been developing a personal discovery exercise for actors to dig deep to find their own niches. This goes beyond typecasting or role playing. We all have our own individual strengths, weaknesses and personal history that we can bring to our roles that no one else can replicate. This workshop is to help you uncover your true essence shining through every role you attract. The 3-5 characteristics that give you your star power niche.


Robin and Nicole have the gift of gab with an abundance of comedies and tragedies to share. They plan to talk about their own performance paths, how they fell into casting and everything they are continuing to learn and unlearn about this ever changing and evolving business of show.  They agree on most things like Astrology and the cuteness of puppy pictures but you might be surprised where they don't see eye to eye.

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